I have always loved food and definitely sweets!! However through the years I as well as friends and family, have developed sensitivities and allergies to certain foods.  My issues with food

are due to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  I was diagnosed with this in 2001.  This forced me to tweak dishes I once loved and create new ones that are not only healthy but full of flavor.  This is also the reason I studied Baking and Pastry Arts in The Institute of Culinary Education, since I couldn’t eat certain foods, how could I cook savory items without tasting them for seasoning and such? This is why I call myself the MacGyver of food. You have to be creative and think outside the box when completely overhauling a recipe.

In the beginning after I was diagnosed, the list of items I could not eat was small, but as the list and difficulties with IBS has grown, so has the determination to further modify not only the dishes I had already revised once before, but add new spices and foods to my diet so I don’t miss out on much needed calories and protein.

Stomach issues isn’t a subject many are comfortable talking about but it’s not something you should be ashamed of.  I’m hoping I can help others with IBS find the love of food again with dishes they can eat or at least try. After all, one’s inability to eat certain foods shouldn’t be a hindrance. Join me on this journey to health!