Meditation to Calm the Mind and Ease Belly Troubles

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Bills, work, health issues, family and financial problems.  These are just a few of the things that can stress a person out.  Stress can then in turn have some unpleasant side effects.  Hair loss, ulcers, depression, headaches, insomnia, just to name a few.

I’m certainly no stranger to what Buddhists call “Monkey Mind”.  I worry, I fret and I feel it in my stomach right away.

The key is to take control of your life.  A determination on your part to change how you deal with everything from the minor annoyances in life to the bigger situations like job loss, or health issues.

I used to meditate a few years ago and it made a world of difference.  I unfortunately have not done so in a really long time.  To that,  I say shame on me.  There is really no excuse not to devote at least 5 minutes of your time to start with and just be in the present moment breathing in and out your worries and frustrations.

As of today 11/27/15 I am making a conscious effort to do just that.  I will start with at least 10min and work my way up to 15-30 as I used to. The signs of stress are already appearing across my face (or so I tell myself) and my stomach and body have been paying the price.

You don’t need any special fancy equipment.  For me personally, I had made some mixed CDs yrs ago that I used and can still  do so.  My mixed music contained Enya, Sarah McLachlan, Pure Moods or any other music that I felt calmed this scatter brain of mine.  Some movie soundtracks have great instrumentals too.

Other options are cd’s you can get in Amazon for a few bucks or for free if you are an Amazon Prime member. Some to choose from can be Binaural, Yogi Kanna and Aimee Rebekah Shea with a 10 minute meditation.

You can also join on Facebook where a few times a year they  have free 21 daily guided meditation sessions you can do online. Each guided 21 day challenge has a different theme and they offer the cd’s of these meditation challenges to purchase on their site.

Another choice can be as simple as going on and entering meditation music in the search area. You can also search for meditation music 10 minutes, 15minutes or whatever amount of time you desire.

Lastly another place you can find some peace is at  They have anywhere from 2 minutes to 20minute meditations, free!  They also have an app on iTunes and Google play. Here they also have free options and others that require a small fee if you desire.

Woman meditating in the nature on sunsetThe best thing about meditation, is that you can do this anywhere!  Sitting on your chair, sitting on your bed or on a pillow on the floor.  Choose a spot anywhere you feel comfortable that is also quiet.  Heck, even standing near the boat basin or anywhere near the water can be soothing.

As this holiday season is in full swing, now should be the time to get started since we all know the stresses can be a bit much during this time of year.

5 or 10 minutes can make a difference and maybe help you enjoy the wonders and joys of the holidays!!!

So light a candle, burn some incense and just…breathe…

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