Honey-Dijon Wings


I love chicken. I love the the fact that you can cook it a dozen different ways. Chicken can be made as a stand alone dish or added to a salad, soup, pasta dish…you name it!

This dish is simple, easy and doesn’t need too many ingredients.

Serves 4 (these are small wings so you can double the recipe if you have more people coming over or if anyone in your party of 4 want seconds)

1 package of small chicken wings (about 16wings)
3 teaspoons of Dijon Mustard
4 tablespoons of Honey
½ teaspoon of mustard powder
¼ teaspoon of celery seeds
2 tsp of salt




Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.

Brush 2 large baking dishes with vegetable oil. Pat the wings dry. Spread them between 2 sheets so they bake evenly until golden, 40 to 45 minutes.

As the chicken cooks, whisk together the dijon mustard, honey, mustard powder and celery seeds in a bowl. Remove the wings from the oven and toss with the mustard mixture, then continue baking until glazed, 5 to 6 more minutes and serve!

This dish goes great with a side of my Butternut Squash Soup!


Published by Irritable Life

Institute of Culinary Education Alumni with a MacGyver mentality in the kitchen 2 cope w/IBS. Love DDP Yoga and Transcendental Meditation

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