DDP Yoga Positively Unstoppable Challenge 2019

I haven’t shared my journey for a number of reasons. However after reaching one of my goals I figured, let me make the time to share my journey and hopefully inspire others in the process.

I have done DDP Yoga off and on since 2014. I stopped due to injuries from other things I’ve done and from over exerting myself and not listening to my body.

DDP Yoga was started by former wrestler and WCW champion Diamond Dallas Page and like he says “It ain’t your momma’s yoga.” Which is true. It’s a unique and amazing workout!!

I came across this gem of a workout after watching a video of Arthur who is a former military paratrooper whose body took a beating from jumping out of airplanes for soo long. Long story short, he was in serious need of help as doctors had no answers and regular yoga wasn’t helping him either.

I suggest you watch this inspirational video of Arthur to fully appreciate what became a sign of hope for me and many others who have viewed it.

Back to my journey. Subluxation, severe back and neck pain were originally the reasons why I started. I couldn’t stand for long periods of time. I could barely walk up the stairs without pain. Forget about walking or running. I couldn’t even lift my purse over my shoulder, hold on to the pole on the subway or hang on to my purse or grocery bags without intense pain.

As hard as it was in the beginning, I saw a huge difference from the get go. More strength, less pain. Then, stress from work and working 7 days a week impeded my progress and brought on the worsening symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I started up again and was overzealous in my workouts and injured myself so I stopped. I started up again but then the stress, work and IBS got soo bad, I stopped…again. My mental health just nose dived into that dark hole of depression I had never known before. Staring at the walls, crying to the point I became numb. Recently even wanting to end things. I became very withdrawn. No interest in all the things I held dear. Food, shows, music, cooking..etc. Why freaking bother, I felt.

This year, however Diamond Dallas Page started the Positively Unstoppable Challenge and came out with his book “Positively Unstoppable” as well. For me and many others, a perfect companion to this challenge. Inspiring to see what he went through in life and how hard he worked to become a wrestler at 35 and a WCW champion at 40!! He also shared in his book success stories of every day people who have done DDP Yoga.

The challenge was to do DDP Yoga from February through the end of this month. May 31st 2019. You needed to track your progress and submit a video at the end to possibly win some money. For me though as much as I need the money, it’s not about that. It’s about the change in body and mind. It’s about being more positive and ‘owning your life’, as DDP always says.

So far physically, I have definitely seen progress. I documented every week on YouTube. Highlighting my NSVs (non scale victories) and the excitement I was feeling in this journey. I also shared my journey and struggles on the Positively Unstoppable group page on Facebook. I got encouragement and cheers and I gave it back to all the awesome people who have joined the Team DDPYOGA community.

While my arms still jiggle a bit, I feel a lot stronger than before. How much stronger? Before lifting a gallon of milk caused pain to shoot from my neck to my arm because it was tooo heavy. Now I can lift a 20 pound turkey. I can actually do a modified pushup!!! Now I can lift that gallon of milk with no pain. Now I can hold my purse with no pain. That’s a big deal!

I was also able to do a second run/walk race. My first being last year which was the Turkey Trot. I finished but I needed the entire weekend to recover..in bed, unable to move I was soo wiped out. This time I did the Damon Runyon 5k for Cancer Research at Yankee Stadium. 3miles and this one involved stairs and ramps throughout a part of the course.

I finished in about 1 hour. Me!! The person who could barely walk 5 blocks without getting winded a few years ago or stand for more than 10minutes!! A huge accomplishment!!!! Recovery time? A few hours only!!! I was fine the next day physically!!! wooohoo!!!

Damon Runyon 5k

I have 1 more week to go for the challenge, but I still have a ways to go to keep getting stronger. Sooo, I will continue to follow and do my workouts on the DDPYOGA app. I will continue to document my progress on YouTube and Instagram .

As far as my irritable bowel syndrome…well, I have tried it all with no success yet due to a lot of stress…but that is a separate journey that I will tackle and hopefully will have some good news on that front soon.

For now, I need to and will focus on DDP Yoga. Begin to meditate once again, and hopefully get back into the kitchen once again to create more delicious dishes!!! Below are a few videos of my journey over the past 5 months.

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Institute of Culinary Education Alumni with a MacGyver mentality in the kitchen 2 cope w/IBS. Love DDP Yoga and Transcendental Meditation

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