Simple Summer Beef Lettuce Wraps

I got the inspiration for this beef wraps recipe from the Pioneer Woman. She adds a lot of yummy extras in there but I kept it simple and added what I usually have in the fridge. This recipe is quick, easy and perfect for the summer. Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 orange or red bell pepper, diced 3 pounds ground beef 1 teaspoon ground … Continue reading Simple Summer Beef Lettuce Wraps

Farfalle w/Vegetables and Mozzarella

This is a recipe I created before I stopped eating regular pasta and switched to gluten-free. However, if you can find gluten-free pasta on Amazon or in your local health food store. Should you be unable to find farfalle. No worries!! You can substitute gluten free penne, ziti or even macaroni for this dish. This plate is perfect now that the weather is getting warmer … Continue reading Farfalle w/Vegetables and Mozzarella

Minestrone Soup W/Canadian Bacon

When I saw Giada’s Christmas special on the Food Network I was excited to see all the food she made in that episode. I can’t remember when this episode aired but recently I got it on ITunes and was able to watch the food magic happen again. This inspired me to take a crack at it. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS. Since … Continue reading Minestrone Soup W/Canadian Bacon